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The spectacular landscape around Kielder Water & Forest Park has become the home of a unique collection of visual art and architecture.

A celebration of art and architecture in Northumberland has seen the unveiling of 11 new installations at Kielder. The launch of London-based Fiona Curran’s “The grass seemed darker than ever” – an artistic response to the history of Kielder Castle – also saw the introduction of https://kielderonsite2016.wordpress.com/(ten temporary installations created by Fine Art students at Newcastle University).

Located only 600m from Kielder Castle, “The grass seemed darker than ever” features more than 350 individually painted fence palings encircling a section of the forest floor, now painted black.

The piece is inspired by the history of enclosure of the English landscape, reflecting, in particular, the Black Act of the 18th Century. This Act enabled the death sentence to be passed on people suspected of poaching on the newly-enclosed land, or those found in the forest with blackened faces.

Download more on "The grass seemed darker than ever".

Many people visit the Park for this open-air art experience, located at sites around the lake and within the forest.

Most pieces are fully accessible to visitors and along the Lakeside Way there is the opportunity to explore some of the contemporary work, including the futuristic Belvedere shelter, the three large rotating Janus Chairs and Silvas Capitalis, also known as the 'giant forest head'!

Purchase a copy of the Trails Guide from any visitor centre or download it here to find out how to get to each art piece and make the most of your experience.

Check out the Kielder Art & Architecture website for more information.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for our forthcoming art and architecture events and workshops such as the curator led arts tours. Take a look through the events listings to find the next one...



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