Join the Kielder Brag Challenge!

Northumberland Libraries and Kielder Water & Forest Park have teamed up to offer children a creative writing and art project as part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Based on the modern myth of the Kielder Brag children are being invited to come up with a creative story including the character as well as using their imagination to design his home.

The Kielder Brag is a modern myth in the form of a transmedia fairytale, written and developed by author and artist Niel Bushnell. The online content is presented in true fairytale fashion as ‘digital breadcrumbs’, inviting children to ‘play along’ by creating their own story endings and drawing the characters.

The Kielder Brag is presented to children as a really old story found in a book of local legends. The story talks about an ancient creature living in Kielder Forest, over eight feet tall, human-like, but definitely not human! It's covered in hair, has huge horns and hides in the dense trees around the reservoir. The book was in really bad condition when it was found and the last page is missing, so we don't know the end of the story.

Children of all ages are being challenged to use their imagination and creative skills to finish this thrilling tale and include illustrations. All entries will be uploaded to the Kielder Brag website and there are prizes to be won for best story ending and best Brag drawing.

To become a Brag hunter and to read the story and check out the video footage, go to:

For anyone feeling crafty there is an additional challenge. Children are also being invited to build the perfect home for the Brag and send a photograph in for judging.  This could be a life-sized den using blankets and chairs or a model made from household rubbish.

Send in any stories, illustrations and den photos to Deadline for entries is Saturday, Sept 5

Children can also join in the fun in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge by signing up at to keep reading over the Summer.

This is a partnership project between Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust and Northumberland Libraries with support from Arts Council England.

Cllr Cath Homer, cabinet member for libraries at the county council, said: “The Summer Reading Challenge is all about continuing to support children's literacy learning throughout the summer, and there has never been a more important year in which to do that when many children have been unable to be in school.

"This competition will not only inspire children to think creatively but will also help with their confidence in writing and storytelling.

"The mythical Kielder Brag is something which is bound to ignite youngsters' imagination and we can't wait to see some of the amazing stories and den pictures coming through."

Lynn Turner, Director of Kielder Water & Forest Park development Trust said: “We are really pleased to be working with Northumberland Libraries on this exciting initiative. Thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, children throughout Northumberland and beyond will be able to take up this creative challenge and join the world of the Kielder Brag.”

Join the Kielder Brag Challenge!