Starry, starry night....

Starry, starry night….  

Kielder Observatory is delighted that Northumberland County Council is supporting the installation of a new radio telescope! The radio astronomy telescope allows the Observatory to carry out scientific research, attract university research into Northumberland and develop remote outreach activities.

A total of £24,596 of capital funding was approved for the project by the Council with funding also coming from the Tanlaw Foundation and the observatory itself.

The Council's funding will allow the upgrade of infrastructure on site so people can access the telescope remotely, enabling many more people to be able to use the telescope than would otherwise be possible and helping to spread the knowledge of astronomy and inspire the next generation of scientists.

 10,000 school children across Northumberland are expected to be able to access the facility remotely. Pupils will be able to access educational programmes on subjects such as astronomy, data science and astrobiology, without having to leave the classroom.

Cllr Richard Wearmouth, cabinet member for Business and Tourism at the council, said: “We are delighted to be able to support this hugely significant project. It will not only open up the wonders of Kielder Observatory to a wider audience but will also help to inspire the next generation of stargazers. It is yet another example of Northumberland leading the way in technology and innovation for the benefit of all.”

Catherine Johns, CEO of Kielder Observatory said: “This funding is critical to achieving our aims and the aims of the Tanlaw Foundation, which is to inspire people about the wonders of radio astronomy and democratise access to radio telescopes, so anyone can contribute to citizen science projects and academic research. We are hugely grateful to Northumberland County Council for their unwavering support of Kielder Observatory.”


Photo credit Kielder Observatory 

Starry, starry night....