Access at Kielder Water & Forest Park

As most visitors know, Kielder Water & Forest Park suffered significant storm damage in November 2021 and again in January and February 2022.

Our teams have been working very hard for the past ten months to clear and make safe all routes.  We are close to having most routes re-opened. 

Long term trail closures at Kielder into late 2022/2023 are now predicted to be only Lonesome Pine MTB trail and Bastle Forest Walk at Sidwood. 

As so many routes are now re-opened - the list below details routes that remain closed or have a diversion in place.

Updated 15th March 2023

Walking routes     
Facility / route name Status  Updates
Skyspace/ Kielder Observatory  Open with diversion using forest road

Will remain closed into 2024

Wild Trails(nr Kielder Castle) Closed being cleared for summer closed until further notice.
Sidwood Bastle Trail     
Last section after Waterhead Closed Will be closed until Autumn 2023
Duchess Trail   Open
Cycle Trail/ Mountain Bike Facilities    
Lonesome Pine Trail Partially open, however all main descents(fun parts) blocked, allows access onto Bloodybush Trail which is a positive Skydive section Only open. Long term closure on rest of trail - due to reopen 2024
Bloodybush Trail Open There is a diversion in place
Cycle Skills Loop  Closed new facility to be built Closed until 2024
Forest Head Silvas Capitalis  Closed  Repairs required 
Janus Chairs  Closed  Maintenance required 
Access at Kielder Water & Forest Park