Ospreys at Kielder

2021 was the 13th successive year of Ospreys breeding in Kielder Forest. During that time, the population grew from 1 to 7 breeding pairs, with other birds in the area each summer. The highlights of the 2021 season include the Nest 4 pair, 69/Mrs 69, fledging 3 chicks for the first time and the Nest 6 pair, W6/Mrs W6 matching that milestone.

Perhaps even more exciting, two of Nest 1A’s YA/Mrs YA’s offspring, males UV and Y1, bred successfully in the Forest at Nests 5A and Nest 8 respectively: our first four grandchicks!

We hope 2022 will see more grandchicks and possibly more nests established.

The history of ospreys at Kielder is summarised on the timeline and 2022's key events can be found https://kielderospreys.wpcomstaging.com/timeline-2017/

You can support Osprey Watch by donating via the link here http://kielderospreys.wordpress.com/donate/

Between late March and early September ospreys often hunt over the water. The birds use all parts of the reservoir, but some favourite areas are either side of the water at the dam, the area between Bull Crag and Leaplish Bay at Kielder Waterside and at Leaplish Bay itself. The ospreys regularly hunt soon after first light and again in the early evening, around 17.30-18.00, but can be active at any time of the day. As the breeding season goes on, more fish will be required by ever-hungry growing chicks.

You can follow the progress of the Kielder ospreys by visiting the blog at, http://kielderospreys.wordpress.com

Each year once the ospreys return to Kielder, Northumberland Wildlife Trust coordinates a team of knowledgeable volunteers who share their expertise with visitors. New in 2022 has been an osprey viewing point and wildlife cabin at Tower Knowe Visitor Centre. The new cabin is situated next to the café.

Between mid April to mid August, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s volunteers run Osprey Watching events (usually Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday) with resources provided at the cabin to bring the stories of the Kielder ospreys to life and engage new audiences. A new camera provided clear and reliable images from a nest and with nest protection measures in place, keeps the birds safe for everyone to enjoy at a suitable distance. 

New also in 2022 is the ‘Osprey' ferry which is based at Kielder Waterside and has run special osprey watching cruises run by Wild Intrigue. Details are on their website https://www.wildintrigue.co.uk/mini-expeds/osprey-watching-cruise/  end early September.

Kielder Osprey Watch is possible thanks to the hard work of Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust, Forestry England, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Northumbrian Water and Calvert Kielder.

Photo: Simon Mackie. Blagdon Lake. Somerset 31.3.13



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