Water Activities at Kielder Water & Forest Park

Water sports at Kielder Water


Kielder Reservoir is the largest man-made lake in northern Europe with a surface area of over 11 square kilometres and enough water to give everyone on the planet about seven gallons of water. So whether you'd like to hire a row boat, take a canoe trip, have a kayaking lesson, go sailing, windsurfing or waterskiing, take a trip on the ferry or brave slalom and jumps on water skis or a wakeboard, there really is something for everyone.

Important note: these activities are seasonal and limited in availability. Water activities are arranged by a number of professional clubs and each of these activities must be pre-booked in advance. Please call the club based activity provider before arrival to avoid disappointment.

To begin arranging your trip, click the 'water activities guide' download button on the visitkielder website which details the best club to contact for your chosen sport. All clubs operate to strict rules and regulations which must be adhered to. If you have your own equipment, you must adhere to the rules and requirements before taking to the water and again, details must be checked in advance of your visit. The rules and regulations of Kielder Water are also available to download here or from any of the visitor centres. Bring your own boat or canoe: If you wish to bring your own boat or canoe to Kielder Water & Forest Park, or to water ski, please take note of current safety regulations. • Each craft must be insured against third party claims to a minimum of £2million *Everyone must wear life jackets • Inflatable craft or motor cruisers must be no less than 3 metres in length, have a solid floor and at least 3 inflatable sections • There is a 6 knot speed limit • Water skiers or board sailors must wear a dry or a wet suit • Anyone under the age of 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult. • All motor boats must carry a powder filled fire extinguisher at leat 1kg of capacity and min fire rating 5A/3B Please note there is no rescue craft on the water. There are more regulations which are in the guide book which will be given out on site. The cost of lauching your own Canoe or Boat is as follows:-

The water is currently closed for water activities, please call us on 01434 251 000 for a update.

Canoe One Day - £10.00 & Two Day £20.00

Boat One Day - £25.00 & Two Day £50.00

There are only two water skiers allowed on at one time so it is best to call and book space. Please contact Kielder Waterside on 01434 251 000 for the rules and regulations, any questions, and the times visitors are allowed on the water.