Tips for organising a memorable visit

Each year, thousands of learners visit Kielder Water and Forest Park to not only learn, but to enjoy themselves in a truly natural and safe environment. These visits can be day-trips, overnight or longer residential stays.

A number of education providers, who are experienced in leading groups in an outdoor setting, are available to book if required. Groups who intend to organise a self-led visit are still required to make contact with the site manager at your chosen venue and obtain any relevant permission.

It is recommended that before you bring a group to visit the park, you should organise a pre-visit so you know where to come and what to expect in terms of facilities etc. All the learning providers listed here will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about your planned visit and show you the site.

The next step is to complete a booking form with your provider, which should detail meeting times and location, activities to be undertaken and highlight the responsibilities of the group leader and staff leading the activity.

To help ensure a safe visit, the activity provider will complete a risk assessment for your visit, including an assessment of the facilities and the activities to be undertaken. A copy of this is available on request. It is also important that you complete your own risk assessment, as you will be in overall charge of the group. The actions arising from this assessment should include informing volunteer helpers (such as parents) as well as the participants of what standard of clothing and footwear is expected.

Once you are on the coach and heading for the park you may think nothing can go wrong - but beware, coach drivers have a habit of setting off and following their nose! It is advisable to confirm with the company beforehand that they know exactly where they are going and how long it is likely to take them.